The lowdown on copywriting

I get a lot of mixed responses when I say that I’m a copywriter. Most people don’t know what it is. Others are fairly sure that I’m responsible for keeping copyright laws in check…snoooorrre. I’ve even been asked if it means that I’m “like a typist from the old days”. For all of these, it’s a no. Just…no. So when … Read More

The perks of being a copywriter

Row of typists (old-fashioned)

Who for? Aspiring copywriters; current copywriters seeking validation How long? 6 minutes Much as I loathed that wallflower film (I just didn’t get the appeal of angst-filled, complaining teens absorbing two hours of my life), its title did give me an idea for a post. I recently discussed what copywriting is. Now I’ll be covering its main perks and a … Read More